artist statement:


I think of myself as a colorist. Through the use of color, form and texture I hope to create an emotional connection with the viewer. I am forever experimenting, and enjoy discovering new techniques for watercolor, gouache, acrylic, mixed media and pastel.

In my latest series, WAVES: A MOMENT IN TIME, I explore the power and beauty of the ocean by focusing on the abstract forms created by the waves as they crash and reform. With each piece I have tried to capture the perfect randomness of that never ending, eternal moment. Using 20-30 layers of paint, and precise placement of every color, splash and droplet to create abstract expressions of the awe-inspiring, infinite artistry of one of the great natural phenomenon. Each painting utilizes a range of different techniques and mixed media, including acrylic gouache and watercolor. My hope is to treat the viewer to a cohesive, unique vision of the majesty of the subject. A millisecond of pure energy is preserved for all time. lgbrosterman

Prices available upon request